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Underground Oil Tank

  I found this buried oil tank vent during a recent home inspection in Smithtown. In this case there was no oil tank fill which can be an indication that the tank was abandoned. When buying a new home always ask the sellers if there are any buried tanks on the...

Laundry Room Defects

Laundry Room Defects One area of the home that gets neglected when it come to normal maintenance is the laundry room. In this article I will go over some of the most popular laundry room defects. Most people don’t realize the dangers that lurk in your laundry...

Pressure Relief Valves

Improperly terminated Pressure relief valves can lead to serious injuries if left uncorrected. Look at the pressure relief valve in the above picture, notice that while there is a discharge pipe it is only a few inches long. All discharge pipes should extend to about...

Chimney Maintenance

Take a look at the cracked mortar I found during a recent Long Island Home Inspection. This mortar at the top is usually called the cap and it is the first line of defense when it comes to maintaining the integrity of the chimney. When these cracks in the cap go...

Improperly configured drain

    I came across this drain under a bathroom sink during a recent home inspection. The first problem I see is the lack of a proper drain trap like the one in the second picture. The primary use of a trap is to prevent the escape of dangerous sewer gases....