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Exposed wiring


I often find exposed wiring in attics while doing home inspections on Long Island. The above picture was taken during a recent home inspection. While the homeowner was smart enough to put wire nuts on the ends of the “live wires” he failed to properly terminate the wire in a required junction box with a cover. In the picture below the wires are terminated in a junction box but was left uncovered.



exposed electric wires



Not only do uncovered junction boxes or improperly terminated wires pose a shock hazard they also can lead to fires. The weakest point in an electrical circuit is the junctions or connections. If there was some sort of overload or if the wires were not twisted tight enough there could be overheating or sparking. If you have ever gone into an attic you would notice that it is usually very warm, dry and dusty. Now picture wires overheating or sparking and not being contained in an approved junction box with a cover!


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